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Irrigation Pump Control Panel

SVE SAR714 – CPA7000

Having the correct Control Technology managing your Diesel Driven Irrigation Pumpset will ensure that you save time and money. SVE Corp has developed the best Irrigation Pump Controller that is available on the market today. Being both user friendly and easily configured to suit your specific needs, the SAR714 Pump Controller will ensure that you remain in control at all times. The SAR714 irrigation Pumpset Controller will provide you with real time operational feedback from anywhere; via your smart phone………. “Fully Remote Control and Monitoring in the palm of your hand”

Additional Information

    1 Pre Crank Control
    2 Battery chargers Alternator Primer
    3 Pump Crank Control
    4 Battery chargers Alternator Primer
    5 Fuel Control
    6 No Water in Suction
    7 Communicates with Operator
    8 Delayed Stop
    9 Starter Pre-Ignition
    10 Crank
    11 Solenoid Shutdown
    12 Low Discharger Pressure Alarm
    13 Display/Alarm Output
    14 Safety Key
    15 Programmable
    1 GSM
    2 USB Port
    3 IP65 Rating
    4 Display – High Brightness to suit outdoors
    4 Scheduler
    4 Enclosure
    4 Key Switch/Lockable
    4 Emergency Shutdown Push Button
    4 Siren Output/Built in Buzzer
    1 Fail to Start RPM Signal Loss Low Discharge Pressure
    2 Fail to Run Battery Charger Loss No Water In Suction
    3 Low Fuel Level Battery Under Voltage
    4 Low Oil Pressure Emergency Stop Button Pressed
    5 Engine Overspeed Maintenance
    1 GSM
    2 USB PORT
    3 IP65 Rating
    4 Display – High Brightness to suit outdoors
    5 Scheduler
    6 Enclosure
    7 Key Switch/Lockable
    8 Emergency Shutdown Push Button
    9 Siren Output/Built in Buzzer


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Remote Control Monitoring Efficient & Reliable Cost effective Variable Speed Drives Soft Start PLC with Touch Screen HMI GSM/Internet – remote access IP66 Rating Hazardous Applications Data logging of faults/graphical trending SMS Alarm messaging


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